Last year I threw a bridal shower for my dear friend Mallory. The theme was pink and gold, it was fabulous! One of the things I did for decor was make glittered champagne bottles. They looked amazing and surprisingly traveled great too, all the way down to Newport Beach. The glitter champagne bottles turned out so well and were so easy, I have since been glittering other things like, pumpkins! Without further ado, here are instructions on how to make the perfect glitter covered pumpkin.


First things first, here are the supplies you need. I love the ‘halo glitter’ from Paper Source. It’s a little pricey but it comes out so beautiful.


Take the mod podge and paint it on a small section of the pumpkin with the spongey brush thing. That’s a real art world term.


Sprinkle glitter on top of the mod podge. Best to do this with a piece of paper underneath the pumpkin so that you can put the glitter back into the jar. Try not to push the glitter down, just sprinkle a lot on.


If there are any area where you can still see orange paint a little more mod lodge on top and sprinkle the glitter again. You can also avoid this by spray painting the pumpkin gold before you begin, but that’s just too much work for me.


Keep repeating these steps. Once you are done with the top half let it try for about 10 minutes before leaning the pumpkin over and glittering the bottom half.


Spray the pumpkin lightly with the finishing spray. This will keep you from getting glitter literally all over your house. Be careful not to overspray the pumpkin or the glitter will dull. A light mist will do the trick!


Ta-da! Wasn’t that easy?