My first experience in the Fashion Industry was an Internship with Dame Zandra Rhodes, a British textile design genius who had quite the following in the 70s and 80s punk era. I am quite lucky to know this amazing lady and to have gotten to learn from her by working side by side. I travelled to London the Summer after my Freshman year of college and lived with in her flat, right above the Fashion and Textile Museum. The most important thing that the pink lady taught me was to forget about perfection and doing things the “right” way. I would take my time drawing out near perfectly symmetrical textile patterns and when I showed it to Zandra she would scribble though it and make something that was truly creative and out of the box. Looking at these prints from Zandra’s Facebook Page makes me nostalgic for the days I spent in her studios in London and Solana Beach with oil pastels all over my hands and a creative powerhouse less than a foot away.