Putting on my white skinnies in the winter time is something that I’ve struggled with. I wanted to, I knew it was ok, but when I tried to make an outfit I couldn’t help but feel summery. After seriously studying pinterest I think I’ve figured it out, and now I shall pass my wisdom on to you, enjoy!

Muted pastel sweaters and coats go nicely with white. The added weight of the outerwear brings the look into winter.


Adding motorcycle jacket and chunky booties is a great way to winterize, and add edge, to white denim.


When in doubt, add another layer. This strategy downplays the white denim (because now they are just another piece of clothing you through on) and adds interest.


Do the ecru. Pair your stark with jeans with a chunky off-white sweater. This is by far the easiest (and in my opinion chicest) way to get the job done. The best thing is this outfit looks as great with sneakers as it does with pumps.