I’m sure I’m not alone in this routine…

Every morning right after my alarm goes off I grab my cell phone, check the weather, and start brainstorming outfit ideas while I’m still in bed. Recently I discovered an amazing app that gives so much more inspiration than trusty weather.com. TheVane shows you what the weather is going to be like, and recommends outfits for you based on the style preferences you enter (trendy, bohemian) and your activities¬†(casual chic, office, relaxing, interview, brunch, date, formal).

The Vane 1The Vane 2Even better, TheVane has a “Pack for Travel” function. Enter where you are going and the dates, and the Vane will come up with a packing list and outfit inspiration for your trip. This has been so helpful to me while I’m packing for my sister’s wedding in Italy.

The Vane 3The Vane 4