I am a girl who loves the intersection of fashion and technology. It might come from living in San Francisco for so long, or maybe I’m just a big dork, but either way I love pieces that do more than what they seem.

This past weekend I was in New York City for my little sister’s 25th birthday (which is impossible, because I’m still 25, right?). I checked the forecast before I left, and packed pretty much appropriately, but then there was a sudden downpour of rain on Sunday. I still had so much shopping and walking to do! My footwear options were either my very favorite Prada boots that I bought when I was studying abroad (sentimental), suede over the knee boots (not going to happen in the rain), or ankle booties that I love even though the sole is coming apart (wouldn’t keep the water out). I went to Bergdorf Goodman with the intention of buying a fun color of Hunter rain boots to protect my feet, but then I saw these babies.


They don’t look like rain boots at all! They aren’t clunky, or rubber, or shiny. They don’t make noises when you walk and they aren’t ridiculously loose around the calf, they are in fact, tight. So of course, I bought them. The brand, Aquatalia, has a unique process for weatherproofing. The boots are leather, but are 100% protected. I love the “Urope” material on the calf. It looks like snakeskin and feels very stretchy and comfortable.

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