Travel Accessories

I am leaving for my older sister’s wedding in less than three weeks! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Here are some travel essentials on my packing list.

Sephora, Express Eye Makeup Remover Wipes ($9)These wipes work on even the toughest makeup. They are the perfect size to throw in my carry on and use in-flight when I’m ready to doze off

My Little Steamer, Ultra Mini Travel Steamer ($32.30)This trip is no ordinary vacation, It is my older sister’s wedding and I want to be prepared for everything! That means packing my own mini steamer is a must.

Kate Spade, Lingerie and Laundry Bags ($25) To keep the cleans and dirties seperate and pretty.

Awesome Square, Eye Mask ($15.97) I am an eye mask connoisseur, and this one wins the award for comofort, and total darkness

Dunheger, Digital Travel Scale ($17.40) My bags are always right on the verge of being overweight. This baby protects me from the last minute luggage reshuffle at baggage claim

Kate Spade, Luggage Tag ($14) I plan on making my luggage stand out with these tags and black and white ribbons.

Rebecca Minkoff, Julian Backpack ($198) Not only is this carry-on cute and functional- it’s on sale!

Lyceem, Hanging Toiletry Bag in Pink ($23.99) Since we are making a few different stops (ie unpacking several times) this bag is ideal. You can see everything without unpacking!

Airborne, Gummies ($6.82) I would much rather chew these candies than drink a glass of flavored water. They are delicious!

Target, Totes Umbrella with Black and White Dot ($14.99) It’s always a good idea to throw a mini umbrella in your carry on in case there are showers when you land.

Etsy, Personalized Passport Cover ($50) I ordered this passport cover in white and had my monogram embossed on it.

Kiehls, Refreshing Mist ($14) This cooling mist revives skin from in-flight coniditions. It’s like a mile high facial.

Toss Designs, Silver Lining Town Tote ($28) I’m going to throw this bag in the front pocket of my suitcase. It’s perfect as bag for day drips, beach bag, or to pack those extra purchases when heading home.